1. A Facebook Like from FriendFeed co-Founder


    via flickr.com

    Yesterday Paul Buchheit (Y Combinator, FriendFeed co-Founder and GMail creator) posted 'Open Spark Project - Your Music! Played through Lightning!' on FriendFeed. Pretty cool. I can only imagine how the music and entertainment industry will use this invention in the near future!

    So I liked the post on FriendFeed, retweeted it and shared the Open Spark Project stunning video on Facebook tagging the source/him. And WOW (check out the screenshot above).

    This also reminds me that the Like was originally a FriendFeed concept that was later adopted by Facebook when they acquired FF. As FriendFeed is my all time favorite social network, this Like from FriendFeed co-Founder made my day!

    Barbara R.S.

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