1. Unbelievable! @BigBoi of OUTKAST retweeted my #wikileaks tweet!

    via flickr.com

    I was tweeting: ‘Is it true that WikiLeaks is excluded from trending topics? #wikileaks #usguys’ and then in reply to a Twitter connection: ‘@jpblitohv TBH #wikileaks search doesn’t look spammy, I wonder why it does not appear in any local and worldwide trending topic. #usguys’ when I realized and tweeted:

    'Noticed that WikiLeaks is trending under #cablegate but meanwhile my tweets mentioning #wikileaks disappeared from my profile page timeline.'

    To my greatest surprise, this tweet was retweeted by @BigBoi aka Big Boi of OUTKAST!

    Actually I have already experienced a missing tweets issue on NOV 25 and I do not know what caused my two tweets on WikiLeaks to disappear but this is definitely an episode to remember for a music lover and social media enthusiast. See my photo/screenshot above!

    Barbara R. S.

    Update: My tweets resurfaced later in the evening EU, the next day US.

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