1. Jane McGonigal @ MEET THE MEDIA GURU

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    Yesterday I attended MEET THE MEDIA GURU: Jane McGonigal on alternative realities, game design and online collaboration.

    Here are my mobile uploads of the moments I find most interesting of @avantgame on gamification:

    1. ‘Playing games is the single most productive thing we can do with our time.’
    2. ‘PERMA’
    3. Infographic of the time spent on games vs human evolution
    4. ‘Games activate 10 powerful positive emotions.’
    5. ‘Being happy makes us successful - and not the other way around.’
    6. ‘The 3:1 ratio’
    7. ‘… they live 10 years longer.’

    In the Q&A time she added that according to a study, 20 hours a week is the tipping point for positive gaming, however she suggested to play seven hours a week: one hour a day.

    Barbara R. S.

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